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Twisty Turny — It’s a progression — Blind changes

Hi All,

Today I’m going to share a couple drills for blind changes on bars. This is one of those skills that can be broken down into a million little pieces, a million different ways. There are a lot of different philosophies as to how to teach it, and what progressions people should use. But, here are some videos that might give you some ideas.

This first video is a variation of a drill that I love. Which is doing a modified (read: hollow) handstand against a wall, opening to a straight handstand off of the wall and preforming a 1/4 turn so that one hand lands on a panel mat. This is a similar although more advanced idea. Please, please, please utilize the floor bars in your gym, it will make your gymnasts so much better if they are proficient there before moving to the regular set.

This second video is another approach to teaching blinds. I know a lot of people use this as a first (or near first) drill for teaching kids how to blind change. It’s an easy set-up and side station and good drill for getting kids used to the feeling.

Train hard!