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Fun Friday #9

Hi All,

So last week I stumbled upon Wildfire’s YouTube channel, and I have to say I basically watched all of their videos. It was so much fun. But here are a couple I thought I would share with you, ENJOY!

This first video is of an AWESOME bar routine. Can we just keep that pirouette on repeat, please?

The second video is a fantastic level 8 floor routine. The choreography is awesome. I seriously watched it like three times!

Have you found any fun routines this week?

Options on Options

Hi All,

So as we know new compulsory routines have come out, and we now have the option of having kids do stalders in level 5. I’ve already done one post on Stalders, but I thought I would share some more drills today, just to get thoughts flowing.

This is a great drill especially for teaching the late drop into a stalder and helping reinforce shapes. The nice thing is kids can do a whole bunch in a row.

This second video is a video put out by Gym Neo, and while it is in French, you can get a lot of what they’re saying by just watching the video. They have a bunch of great drills in here.

What are your favorite stalder drills?

Fun Friday #8

Hi All,

It’s Fun Friday again! Yippe! So, as sometimes happens this Friday is kind of a mash-up of things I think you might enjoy.

This first video is of a summer exhibition (this is just the optional team portion of it) that was done by Westside Gymnastics. A lot of gyms do exhibitions mini-olympics, summer jamborees etc. I always find it interesting to see how other gyms let their gymnasts show off their accomplishments, what time of year they do it, and if they have their team kids participate.

This second video is of a level 5 bar routine. Have you noticed that I love seeing compulsories that can cast?! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Enjoy.

What fun videos have you come across?

My hands don’t go that way

Hi All!

So today’s post is one about getting your kids used to different grips (not the kind you put on your hands), on bars. Its something that I think gets overlooked a lot, possibly because it’s assumed that most children can flip their hands around backwards. But I think in these cases the shape is neglected.

This first video is a nice station you can have your kids play around with on floor bar. They can play around with all of the different grips while shape is emphasized.

// Floor Bars //

This second video is one by Tony Retrosi. This idea can also be applied to straddle and pike press handstands as well as handstand holds on a floor bar etc.

How do you get your kids used to being in different grips?

“There isn’t enough space!”

Hi All,

So, in talking to other coaches this is the single most common complaint I hear coming out of their mouths. That on any given day, their kids aren’t getting enough time on floor, or another group comes too quickly to bars or they have great ideas for drills and no where to to set them up. This is the point where we all need to get a little creative. I try to figure out ways of working an event if we are on every other event. Ie, how do I work things I need to fix on bars if we only have beams available etc. But today I’m going to focus on tumble trak, because really it’s amazing how much you can get done on it.

This first drill is a drill I really like to use for vault. It seems to teach kids how to turn upside down well. The one thing you have to watch out for is some kids incorporate EVERYTHING from the drill into their vault (ie. then you end up with a bent kneed kick), so be careful how you explain the transition.

This second video is a way of working bars on tumbl trak. I really do like the attachment, and feel like it can be an extremely good side station. Though I think a lot of coaches get stuck doing the normal giant drills with it, and this is a different take on what can be done.

// Quick Flex Bar //

How do you best make use of space?