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Because it’s not easy

Hi All,

So I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about what my favorite routines to see at level 7 are. I told him, but said I would love to see more stalders instead of clearhips. His response kind of had two parts but I’m going to highlight the second. Spotting clearhips is generally pretty easy, spotting a stalder, is much harder partially because you cant spot in the same place and partially because of the timing. Learning to spot well is so, so, so important when coaching gymnastics. If you have a chance to work with someone who is a really good spotter learn EVERYTHING you can from them.

This first video is of a nice stalder drill, I prefer them not going to handstand at first while fixing the arms and shaping etc. Again, timing is everything when spotting stalders and learn from/teach your fellow coaches.

This second video is one of my favorite drills for teaching geingers at first. Again, a good spotter is essential. Making the kids feel safe and secure. A good spotter in the gym is invaluable.

Train hard!

When Will Susie Start Kipping?

Hi All,

So I’m sure a lot of you have seen this but if you haven’t you should watch this video. It’s a great laugh, and definitely hits home. So on that note I thought I’d share some videos on kips. I decided to share both of Jason Mortimer’s kipping videos (the video above is his as well), because I think they are VERY, VERY good. I’ll say what I say in most posts. Not every drill works for every child, in every situation. Find what works with your kids. What produces the best shapes, the best technique, the best gymnastics and go with that. These videos are merely to help you on your journey.

Part 1:

Part 2:

How do you start teaching kips? When do you start teaching kips?