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Bouncy, bouncy, bounce, bounce!

Hi All!

So I know a lot of people look for ways to minimize impact for their athletes. Tumbling into a pit, lowering numbers of hard landings etc. One of my favorite ways of working skills, and muscle memory without all the impact is to work on tramp or tumble trak. Here are a couple ideas for you guys.

This first drill is one of my favorite stations to set up. Kids get a lot out of it, even though they don’t realize it, and it’s super fun for them. Its also one of my very first progressions (alright, maybe third) when teaching kids how to back tuck.

This second one I also really like, but fair warning it can end up looking really ugly at first. After a few goes is tends to get a lot better though.

What are your favorite drills on tramp?

Flip Around – Back tucks on beam

Hi All!

Back tucks are hard, and getting enough height/rotation is quite difficult. This first video is a common example of the lack of height and rotation I typically see. I know this girl, is very young, and it’s impressive that she is already putting this skill on the beam. But it’s a good example of some common problems with back tucks.


This next video is an exaggerated example of what I think gymnasts need to be able to do before they put their back tuck on the beam. While most kids will never be able to back tuck up to this height, I think all gymnasts should be able to back tuck up to at least a small panel mat before attempting it on the beam. It’s something that I think needs to be insisted upon by the coach in order to keep gymnasts safe.

This final video is of what a back tuck theoretically should look like on the beam. Her chest lands upright, instead of landing with her chest down and bringing it up at the end.

For more drills and exercises to create strong, confident, technically correct beam workers look here:
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What do you guys do for back tucks on beam?

Train hard!