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Muscle Memory – Layouts

Hi All,

Alright, so I’m today I’m finally back to posting about SKILLS. Not that doing the rest of it wasn’t fun (alright, REALLY fun), but this may be more useful tomorrow. Today I’m going to share a couple back layout drills.

trampoline double drills

I’ve shared this first drill in a different video before but I’ll share it again, just because I think it’s SO WORTH doing. Even just 5 of them every time you go to floor or tramp or something. Getting the muscle memory right, and engaged early will help your tumbling the whole way through.

This second is a nice little drill for layouts. Great for kids who may not actually be doing them yet, but you want them to train the muscle memory. Great side station, or just something to mix up a tramp rotation with.

They Go Together

Hi All,

So today’s post is about round-off back handsprings. Note, the title is “they go together.” The purpose of this was to help people realize that a problem in one of them can affect the whole thing. Ie. if you have a major problem in the round-off it will probably show up in the back handspring. But if you see an ugly or incorrect back handspring out of a round-off, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is something wrong with the back handspring. So when I talk to coaches about problems they are seeing more times than not I go back to the round-off (it’s a good place to start). So here is a video for each of these skills.

This first video is a demonstration of a commonly used drill. Round-off missing feet to land on back (often on a mat) in the pit. It’s great, helps kids work turnover etc. One thing to make sure is that your kids don’t pike through at the end just to make it to their back. Technique is more important in this case than just chucking it to their back.

This second video is just a nice short video posted by Al Fong about back handsprings and body shapes. To be honest I haven’t try the jump back to straight body and then fall on back drill. I’m kind of curious about it, and want to try it. Has anyone else used it? Success?

What are your thoughts on round-off back handsprings?