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Muscle Memory – Layouts

Hi All,

Alright, so I’m today I’m finally back to posting about SKILLS. Not that doing the rest of it wasn’t fun (alright, REALLY fun), but this may be more useful tomorrow. Today I’m going to share a couple back layout drills.

trampoline double drills

I’ve shared this first drill in a different video before but I’ll share it again, just because I think it’s SO WORTH doing. Even just 5 of them every time you go to floor or tramp or something. Getting the muscle memory right, and engaged early will help your tumbling the whole way through.

This second is a nice little drill for layouts. Great for kids who may not actually be doing them yet, but you want them to train the muscle memory. Great side station, or just something to mix up a tramp rotation with.

Itty Bitties – Big Tumbling

Hi All!

One of my favorite things to do is work with young gymnasts on their tumbling. I’m always looking for new drills to fix shapes, increase air awareness and make things fun for them.

This first video is of an awesome drill Tony Retrosi uses. I personally love this drill. It helps the kids gain some air awareness, and it totally fun! Check it out!

This second video is of a drill I use quite frequently. I generally have my kids jump to candlestick on something slightly lower (a resi mat is good), and then bent their knees after holding the candle. This drill is a good second step after that.

Train hard!

Photo Credit: Brown Family