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How do we get there?

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One of the things I find most troubling is when I see gyms that have highly successful compulsory programs, but when their children become optionals their gym can’t sustain the same kind of results. My interpretation of this is that often they are trying to teach kids too much too fast, or to put it another way, upper level skills and techniques weren’t introduced early enough and in good ways. I’m a big fan of letting younger children work upper level skills and progressions in safe and technically correct ways. The longer children have to figure a skill out, the less time we as coaches and they as gymnasts have to spend panicking thinking “I need to get this in x time frame to put in my routine.”

Twisting progressions

This first video is from Colorado Aerials of their level 5s and 6s. I’m a big fan of starting series work as soon as children can back walkover/back handspring well on the floor. Even if it’s working on a line, teaching kids how to transition between skills well early makes a huge difference down the line.

By the way here are the same beam extenders, they are amazing.

This second video is of one of my favorite front layout drills. It’s also a great one to use at the lower levels. As soon as your kids have the good concept of body tension, and the shape in a layout it’s a great one to let them play with.

Train hard!

Big swingers!

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Watching little gymnasts swing bars well is one of my favorite things. Here are a couple more videos for your viewing pleasure.

Level 6 bars is so rarely a pleasure to watch, but here is a nice routine out of Texas. I believe she was coached by Marcus Harlin here. He seems to produce some really good bar workers, I love watching the gymnastics he produces.

I love seeing videos of the little munchkins Colorado Aerials turns out.

Train hard!