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Rewind: Favorite videos

Hi All,

So I’ve made A LOT of posts since the beginning of this blog in March. Two videos almost every day for six months is a ton. So I thought today I would share some of my favorites from my first three months of posting. There will be more videos than normal today primarily because ITS SO HARD TO CHOOSE. I think everything on here is worth watching, otherwise I wouldn’t post it. But there are so many PHENOMENAL videos out there, for so many different things. Alright so here goes the favorites (or some of them at least).

Teaching handstands

This first one is a bars complex posted by Mike Durante, 10/10/10/10. It’s AWESOME.

This second one is a video posted by Eddie Umphrey which I love. 3/4 giants is my personal preferred method of teaching giants (the way Enrique Trabanino, among others, teaches them). And for those who aren’t comfortable spotting the whole thing, or want to work the shapes and technique on strap bar, or even for those who want to mix things up, this is a FANTASTIC drill!

This third one is one posted by James Thompson of Cascade Elite Gymnastics it’s an awesome choreographed conditioning routine. Love the idea, love the workout, love the music.

The fourth and final one for the day is one I love by Justin Laury it’s a fantastic (and very extensive) set of yurchenko drills. Not only are the drills awesome, but the emphasis on shapes is to die for.

If you like these drills you can find my ebook on beginning yurchenko progressions here: Beginning Yurchenko Progressions
My favorite tools and equipment for teaching yurchenkos
Octagons // Therabands // and lots and lots and lots of Panel Mats

Train hard!

Never enough

Hi All,

So I’ve done posts about giants in the past, but it’s one of those skills I never get sick of talking about. There are some many ways of approaching it. So many philosophies. Personally I’m a 3/4 giant approach fan. But I know a lot of people have success with bent knee giants and a bunch of other approaches. But here are some more videos.

I’ve seen a lot of variations of this drill (read: tumble trak version), but I really like this set up. It’s on a bar that much better resembles what kids are going to be gianting on, and enables the kids to swing down on competition. I personally think this is awesome.

This second one is another set up for 3/4 giants. Enrique Trabanino is AWESOME. The spotting blocks in the back help work shaping, and the way this particular set up is done may be easier for some coaches to spot. I know a lot of coaches feel more comfortable spotting in some set-ups than others. So it’s just as important to find drills that you are comfortable spotting as drills that are useful.

What are your favorite giant drills?