Drills for teaching beautiful switch leaps

Hi All,

Today I’m going to talk about a couple drills for switch leaps. When I teach switch leaps I like to start with kicks, and then switch jumps on tramp or tumble track. After that I like to start with this first drill.

split jump .jpg

I generally start this drill with only a step or two. In the beginning I want to emphasize a long last step into the leap and a correct head and chest position. The less steps before that last step in the beginning the better able gymnasts are to really focus on stretching and keeping their chest up and focusing on arms etc.

I really like this drill though I would start it until your kicks have a decent grasp of switch leaps. Though, what you can do is set this up going into the pit. It gives gymnasts a little more time and then they aren’t scared of how they land. That’s actually a great way of training switch leaps.

Train hard!



  1. Canadian coach says:

    Why the roll at the end of the switch split drill? Don’t we want then to land chest up?

    • GymCoach says:

      I wouldn’t want them rolling an ankle on that mat. This drill is for the quick switch, not the landing. I could be wrong, but that’s my take.

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