Splendid Split Leaps

Before the Big Swingers
June 1, 2013
Oh, that other event
June 3, 2013

Hi All!

Today I’m going to talk very briefly about leaps. And part of why I say very briefly is these videos today are incredibly short, I apologize. But they are excellent examples of things that I think can be very useful on a day to day basis with leaps.

split leaps for compulsory

This first drill is the FIRST, FIRST, FIRST thing I do before teaching split leaps. Before I get kids leaps extensively I want them to be able to push through their toes well. It’s a really easy thing to add into your complex, or to make a side station where they are doing this over dots on the floor etc.

This second video is another REALLY, REALLY good drill. Generally when working on leaps I like to make a whole series of stations JUST FOR leaps. This is one of those ones that I think should ALWAYS go in. It defiantly helps kids push on the floor and all the way through their feet.

What are your favorite drills for split leaps?

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