Hi All,

So a few days ago I did a posted that highlighted my slightly guilty pleasure of watching videos of peoples warm-ups (and complexes). Since then I’ve had ALL KINDS of thoughts about ways in which to restructure/revamp mine. What I want in it, what I don’t think is as necessary. What I think kids get the most out of etc. So here are a couple videos that sparked ideas in me.

This first one actually got me thinking a lot about proportions. I’m a big fan of having some conditioning and shaping in the warm-up. Those things that are the MOST important. But I’m starting to think a lot more about what proportion I want that to be, and exactly how long I want that warm-up to take. I haven’t come up with a definite answer yet.

This second video (more towards the middle and end), just gave me all kinds of ideas about adding dance, different flexibility, ways in which I would like to order things etc.

Where do you get your ideas on how to structure your warm-up?

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