Over-swing? Under-swing?

Hi All,

So today I’m going to share some videos on underswings. Personally I’m a big fan of the double back hip circle approach. Ie. work double back hip circles until they are proficient and then work the timing for opening away from the bar in the middle of the second on. That being said I know some people think that that’s not the ideal way to go, because it’s incredibly difficult to teach good double backhip circles. So here are some videos that might have some useful ideas.

This first video is a neat new drill posted by Daniel McCarty. It’s a variation of a drill I already use but I like adding the rubber band to it.

This second video is a whole slew of drills for underswing dismounts by Jason Mortimer. I find these videos especially useful for times when I have a very specific problem and I’m searching for a specific drill or two that I think would fix it.

How do you teach underswing dismounts?

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