No spotting stations for pirouettes

Hi All,

Today I’m going to share a couple stations you can use for pirouettes that don’t require a spot. That being said I am always a proponent of spotting for shapes if necessary etc. But if your gymnasts can perform these with good shapes, it’s a good idea to get them confident and turning on their own.

This is probably the better one to start with as the gymnast remains on the mat the whole time. Really the idea is to get them in a good shape and have them start to begin feeling how to turn in that shape.

This second requires a little more movement, and also a little more spotting for shapes I believe. I think I might prefer if the beginning ones were done on the big blue mats (the ones that are half circles) that are shown at the end, because I think it would result in more consistent shapes. But overall a great confidence builder.

Train hard!

Photo Credit: Alyssa Baumann’s Website

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