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So today I’m going to just talk briefly about pre-school classes. Preschool classes CAN be super fun, but they can also be super trying on ones patience. I’m just going to share a couple ideas that might help your pre-school classes.

This first video might seem kind of silly for a lot of coaches out there, but I actually think it’s something that gets overlooked a lot in pre-school classes. Learning how to squat or jump onto something (with hand support) with feet together is something I think children actually need to learn really early and sometimes don’t. This is a REALLY simple station to add in to obstacle courses etc.

This second video is actually a video of photos of obstacle courses put together by Nick Blanton. Seriously, just look at these. They are PHENOMENAL. There are SO MANY things you could do with these set-ups. There are tons of colors, textures, heights etc. This all helps in pre-school classes.

My favorites for preschool and rec classes:
Pencil Beams // Colored Bean Bag Sets // Arrows // Colored floor beams // Number Dots

Train hard!

Pencil Beams // Colored Bean Bag Sets // Arrows // Colored floor beams // Number Dots

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