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So I’ve done posts about giants in the past, but it’s one of those skills I never get sick of talking about. There are some many ways of approaching it. So many philosophies. Personally I’m a 3/4 giant approach fan. But I know a lot of people have success with bent knee giants and a bunch of other approaches. But here are some more videos.

I’ve seen a lot of variations of this drill (read: tumble trak version), but I really like this set up. It’s on a bar that much better resembles what kids are going to be gianting on, and enables the kids to swing down on competition. I personally think this is awesome.

This second one is another set up for 3/4 giants. Enrique Trabanino is AWESOME. The spotting blocks in the back help work shaping, and the way this particular set up is done may be easier for some coaches to spot. I know a lot of coaches feel more comfortable spotting in some set-ups than others. So it’s just as important to find drills that you are comfortable spotting as drills that are useful.

What are your favorite giant drills?

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