It’s never too early

Hi All,

So I thought I would give you some drills today for your very beginner kids. I know some of us get stuck with things to do with intro classes, because it seems like everything is too advanced, and we really want to get the fundamentals down (which is great), but here are some ideas that might be fun to add into your classes.

This first one is great for little kids (and bigger kids) especially on something slanted like up a P-bar. I know it may not seem like much, but kids have a lot of fun, and it’s great for building strength. You can even turn it into a contest.

This second one is great for getting kids used to squat ons before they really do them. I like to start out with it this way, and then move to kids doing it from a push-up shape, so it feels more like they are coming from a cast. I never run out of ways to use floor bars, I totally recommend these ones from AAI they’ll never not be in use.

What are some of your favorite side drills?

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