It’s how you get good

Hi All,

So if you’ve read this blog before you know I’m a big proponent of keeping things fun in the gym. Whether that be by creating drills and stations that the kids enjoy, uptraining, or just keeping the kind of attitude that breeds enthusiasm. But there is a reason gymnastics is hard. It’s grueling and exhausting day in and day out putting the time and effort into those things that don’t seem that fun. Putting the effort into basics and conditioning etc. But that’s how you get good. And that’s what separates the good from the great. So here are some drills, that while they may not make kids want to jump up and down. They will make a difference in your gymnastics.

This first one is a very simple yet effective shaping drill on bars. Attention to detail is very important, as is the muscle memory being developed here.

This second video was posted by Tony Retrosi. Both these drills are great (I’m particularly a huge fan of the first one). Every gym can benefit from parallettes, here is a really good set if you’re looking for some. Good drills, good technique, and a good attitude will create good gymnastics.

Train hard!

Photo Credit: Jeff Bartee

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