It’s a whole second vault!

Hi All,

So vault is sometimes harder to train than the other events, in one way specifically. And that’s because the number of vaults in a gym is usually limited. Gyms that may have 2, 3, 4 sets of bars may only have a vault or two. Getting kids over the vault enough times can be difficult sometimes. So I’m going to post a few videos of a set-up I really like. It’s a great way to get kids flipping into the pit (no impact) when you’ve got them going to a soft or hard surface over the vault.

Even more back handspring drills

All you really need for this first set-up is a spotting block. It’s great. It lets kids flip twice as many vaults with a set-up that is virtually non-existent.

This second one is very similar, although they are using panel mats, a Power Launch (love them), and a sting mat. Super low impact but fantastic when trying to protect your athletes bodies.

// Power Launch //

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