I love circuits

Hi All,

So I think I’ve said this a lot before (especially when I did this post), but I love conditioning circuits (well, really circuits in general). I like it when all of the kids are doing different things. Whether or not they move at their own pace (ie. rotate when they are done) kind of depends on my mood/the group I’m with and what we are doing. But however you do them I think circuits keep kids engaged and working better than a lot of things. I also think they are really easy to change up. I like to keep kind of a core circuit (the stuff I want done every day) and then based on what I want my gymnasts to do/the schedule that week I change the other parts.

I wanted to share a couple circuits that Greg Marsden, Co-Head Coach at the University of Utah, posted. I think they provide a pretty good mix of strength vs cardio vs prevention etc.

Train hard!

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