I don’t like…

Hi All,

Alright the end of that sentence “I don’t like spotting ALL of the time.” I, as I am human (though I hate to admit it sometimes) get tired. Also, I can’t be in 27 places at once (ie. every single side station). So, I thought I’d share some drills today to pirouettes specifically that we don’t have to spot. Because while I am one of the BIGGEST advocates for spotting, especially for shapes, we aren’t all the hulk and sometimes we just can’t spot anymore.

I love, love, love this drill. Firstly, because it’s just a really good solid drill. Secondly, because she is going BOTH DIRECTIONS. FANTASTIC. FANTASTIC. Wait, can I say it again, FANTASTIC. I’m a huge advocate of going both ways on things. Split jumps on beam, do em’ on both legs. Jump 1/2s and 1/1s do them both directions etc. See how much more comfortable your kids get.

Remember perfect practice makes perfect!

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