Honed Handsprings

Hi All,

So I thought I’d talk today a little bit more about front handsprings on vault. I’ve posted about them before, but of course there are myriad drills out there so I thought I’d share some more.

This first video is of a drill (well one done a couple of ways), that is one of my absolute favorites. I call it double boarding when I talk about it with my kids. I think it’s a great way of training/fixing shapes. Taking more turns while not having to go over the vault so many times, and helping kids feel the lift that they should get off the table.

This second video is another great video by Jason Mortimer and how he teaches front handsprings. I won’t say it’s exhaustive, because well, it would be impossible to make a video that was. But it’s a great video with a ton of drills, and the progression is awesome.

What are your favorite drills for teaching front handsprings?

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