Evaluating your gymnasts warm-up

Hi All,

A new newsletter went out yesterday (it can be viewed here), I talked about ways to improve your use of workout time (if you would like to subscribe, fill out this form). One of the stratagies I recommended was evaluating your warm-up for how it helps and or hurts your goal of fixing whatever weaknesses your program has. Ie. if your gymnasts struggle with their flexibility how much time do you spend on it in the warm-up? If your gymnasts struggle with shaping, how is that addressed in your warm-up?

So, today I thought I would share two videos of gymnasts warming-up to help you think about it. I think it’s incredibly important to evaluate your warm-up on a consistent basis because your program may have changed, you may have new gymnasts with new needs or gymnasts whose needs have changed. How is your warm-up helping or hurting your gymnasts?

Train hard!

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