Drills for uncommon bar skills

Hi All,

So I had these two videos and wasn’t really sure to do with them as they both kind of seemed to fall in this category of miscellaneous things I didn’t know what to pair with. But I think they actually go pretty well together. While both of these skills aren’t THE MOST uncommon I think that they are uncommon enough that I can use that term without feeling like it’s wrong.

This first drill is for a shaposh (which while they are becoming more common I wouldn’t call them ubiquitous), I’ve seen this drill before but I hadn’t seen the “second bar” made out of what looks like therabands. You can do something similar on a floor bar and make the low bar the “high bar” but I like that this isn’t spotted.

This second video is a drill for hop changes. Easy, fun side station. If you’ve got kids working front giants this can be a fun thing to go along with them. I know most of us want to go the route of a blind change but a little variation never killed anyone.

Train hard!

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