Circles need shapes too

Alright all you bars fans. Lets talk about circling elements today. There are dozens of ways to go about teaching a clear-hip. We all may have our personal preferences, but here are a couple videos that might be of use to you.

This first video is the Tumbl Trak product video for the Forster Bar. I personally LOVE this product. I think it adds a completely different dimension to the back extension roll drills a lot of us already currently use. The one thing I have to say is please, please, please spot for shapes at first. It’s incredibly easy for gymnasts to lose their body positions using this device.

This second video is of a set up I just think is fantastic. I like that the kids are able to swing up to a higher position than they would probably be able to cast to at this point, that the station is safe and fun.

What are your favorite drills for clear-hips?

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