Fun Friday – Compulsory Season

Hi All,

Yay, it’s here. Compulsory season is back! Well, for some people. I’ve been really happy seeing Youtube videos of compulsories crop up again. Today I thought I’d share some. I’m off to Kansas for another clinic today, it should be another great weekend of teaching!

A really lovely beam routine from this little one. I’ll be curious to see the difference between now and the end of the season.

And wow, a lovely floor routine from this little seven year old! Great presentation for her age.

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Twisting progressions on tramp

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At the Oregon State Gymnastics Clinic Brain Amato (Oregon State Assistant Coach) demonstrated my preferred way of teaching twisting on tramp (and in general really). So I thought I would share that progression of videos with you today. There are some things I really, really like about these progressions. 1) It’s easy to take a lot of turns 2) With the one arm drop I find that kids end up with a lot less direction confusion 3) It’s fast, I find gymnasts get their fulls a lot more quickly.

Teaching twisting on tramp

This first progression is just a back layout to stomach with arms by ears. It should be done in a straight body (ie. no arch). That will make the twist happen exponentially easier when they start dropping an arm.

This is the second progression. Same back layout, then drop an arm and roll over to back.

Third progression is to do the arm drop and roll just before they land. If they land sitting up it’s usually because they are ducking their chin.

Fourth progression which I don’t have on video is the same as progression three, but they then drop their second arm and roll to their stomach.

After these the fulls come pretty easily.

Train hard!

Swing Big Youtube: Rewind

Hi All –

Today I wanted to do a little rewind of some of the quick tip videos that I have done of late, as well as some other videos that are on the Swing Big! Youtube channel. I know I throw a lot of drills at you guys so I thought I would take today to step back and reshare a few of them.

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Swing Big - Youtube Rewind


Pike ups

Even more stalder drills

Hi All,

I wanted to share some more stalder drills today. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about where/how to start stalders especially if you don’t have a strap bar and I wanted to share a few answers today.

Even more stalder drills

This first video is where I start. Sole circles, sole circles, sole circles. This is because stalders are SO much different than clear hips or giants, I want them to be comfortable with a more similar circle before I start introducing a new drop etc. I just want to get them circling with their feet close to the bar.

One of the next things I would do are stalder leg lifts. One of the hardest things to train is gymnasts to get into compression fast enough, and some of that is practice and some of it is strength so doing things like stalder leg lifts helps drill the compression shape and develop strength at the same time.

One of the next things would just be stalder swings. I would spot these at first to make sure gymnasts are getting all the way compressed and that their legs are parallel to the ground.

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Quick Tip – Flex on beam

Hi All,

Today I wanted to share a quick tip of things that I use in my beam rotation almost every day. I don’t ever feel that we get enough flexibility done in warm-up so much of the time I will add flex stations in on beam for when kids are waiting for their turns or as side stations. But these two exercises are ones that I use all the time.

Developing flexibility on beam

The first one is bridges on beam. I don’t think people do these nearly often enough. Most of the time coaches have gymnasts stretch their bridges with hands shoulder width apart. Well what happens when all of a sudden their hands have to be next to each other? They don’t have the same amount of flexibility. It has to be taught (and stretched) earlier than when we start walkover-ing on the beam. If you want to take some of the pressure off of their backs you can even have them do them with their feet on an elevated mat at the end of the beam.

This second one is needle kicks. I can’t emphasize the importance of needle kicks enough. Especially if you are looking at ever round off-ing, aerial-ing or front aerial-ing these are going to be especially important.

Swing Big Clinics

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