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leg taps front

Quick Tip: Leg Straightening/Tightening

Hi All, Today I wanted to give you a quick drill/exercise for developing straight knees. These are toe taps. This is an exercise that I think should be done at least a few days a week if not every day. If you have oversplits in your warm-up it’s a quick minute or two that can […]


A few shaping ideas - feature
FUN FRIDAY #83 - feature

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Quick Tip: Handstand variations for series development

Hi All, I wanted to talk a little about series development today. One of the things that I always, always talk about when I’m lecturing about series development is that we really need to start them early. I find that a lot of anxiety around series comes from not introducing the concept of a series […]

Shaping handstands while right-side up

Shaping Handstands While Right-side Up

Hi All, A short quick tip today on shaping handstands. I find that a lot of people want to fix the handstand shapes of their gymnasts, and proceed to tell them to get their ribs in etc when they are upside down. The problem with this is that if the gymnast can’t do it when […]

Developing aggressive narrow hurdle arms

Quick Tip: Developing aggressive, narrow hurdle arms

Hi All, Today I wanted to share one of my most used round off drills. One of the most difficult things I find for coaches to do, is to go back and un-teach skills and then re-teach them properly. I think a lot of times coaches get overeager with the round off and say the […]

Quick Tip Uses for pommel horse

Quick Tip: Uses for pommel horse

Hi All, I wanted to do a quick tip today on uses for pommel horses. I find that a lot of gyms will have underutilized pieces of equipment (especially boys equipment) because they just don’t know what to do with them. So today’s quick tip is just a few videos of things I have my […]

Two things to add to your warm-up

Quick Tip: Things to add to your warm-up

Hi All, I wanted to talk a little bit about warm-ups today. I do warm-ups a little bit different than some people. I know a lot of people want to get in the gym and do a quick stretch and get right to business, but my warm-ups tend to be longer than most. That’s because […]