Fun Friday #81

Hi All!

I hope you’re having an amazing week. It’s been a week of passion, growth, and PLANNING for me and my Build Your Dream Team clients, which puts me in SUCH a good mood headed into the weekend! Alright, videos, videos, videos…let’s get to em’!


First off, Weiler kip 1 1/2? Super cool. I wonder how consistent it is.

Second, a fantastic floor routine from Kalliah McCartney. She is from Region 2 (YAY!) – and has always been a beautiful performer. Love seeing her successful in college!

Train hard!

Beam with Hula Hoops

Hi All,

I wanted to share a couple really nice ideas for using small hula hoops on beam. I’m a huge fan of using props in general, they can be 1) incredibly useful and 2) they are fun for the kids, and add a new thing to interact with and figure out.


One of the things I most like about these small hula hoop videos is that the hoops are great for keeping gymnasts arms narrow (one of my biggest pet peeves). It also helps them keep thinking about reaching up tall.

This second one is a fantastic side station. I find that a lot of coaches have trouble coming up with side stations for beam, especially in rec classes. This would be a perfect side station, it’s still beam specific, you only need two small props, and kids are changing direction (backwards and forwards) – which is something we REALLY need to make sure we are teaching on beam.


Train hard!

Download: 90 Day Plan – Worksheet

The last two days I’ve been sending the VIP List my thoughts about team planning. To distill it down, what I’ve been saying is – if you don’t have a plan (or a track) – how can you know if your following it? So day 1 I talked about the importance of planning, and talked a little bit about identifying EXACTLY where you want to be. You can read the email HERE (go ahead and click the subscribe button to be sure you’re on the list to get day 3). And day 2 – I sent out one of the most useful tools I have – and that is a 90 day planning sheet.

Today I wanted to share that tool with you.

90 Day Plan

Get the 90 Day Planner

Goals might be improving series, developing more powerful tumbling or fixing shapes on bars. Then determine what you are going to do in each of those 30 days increments to improve those things. It may mean spending more time on them, adding more drills (be AS SPECIFIC AS YOU CAN on this sheet), researching or talking to other coaches about what you can do. But MAKING A PLAN to solve your problems – or get to your goals, is the first step in achieving them.

The reason I like this tool so much, is because it’s easy to get overwhelmed with having SO MANY areas we want to work on. In 90 days you can really get a lot done especially if you’re focused. But it takes planning, and that’s what this worksheet should help you do.

Remember, Train hard! Plan well!



Quick Tip: Handstand variations for series development

Hi All,

I wanted to talk a little about series development today. One of the things that I always, always talk about when I’m lecturing about series development is that we really need to start them early. I find that a lot of anxiety around series comes from not introducing the concept of a series until AFTER gymnasts have back walkovers on the high beam. I am a huge proponent of starting to introduce the concept as soon as they can handstand well on high beam.


The screen cap below is taken from this gymsmarts video and is actually my first step. I want them to be able to come down from handstand and find that shape. The biggest thing is that I want to make sure that they can come down with their foot facing the right direction, and finish with their hips flat and straight. I start introducing this handstand as soon as they can handstand well on high beam.

Tammy Biggs - Gymsmarts Video

The video below is my second step – one of the biggest problems I find is that when we start series the only handstand we’ve ever taught gymnasts is one to a lunge, they have trouble figuring out the connection because the end of the handstand is so different. So the sooner we can introduce handstands for connections the better I find those connections go. The things I want at the end of this handstand are similar, lever out, hips straight, finishing with feet together and hips flat.

Once they can do these handstands with control – connecting a back walkover or a back handspring becomes a lot easier.

Train hard!

Fun Friday #80

Hi All,

I hope you any amazing week, and our being super productive. Temperatures have dropped here (and in a lot of other places, I know). Be sure your kids are getting totally warmed up in the gym! I was super, super happy to announce yesterday that I’m hosting my first open Swing Big! clinic (meaning anyone can come) – April 25th and 26th in Urbandale, Iowa. I’d love to see you guys there! You can register HERE. Without further adieu today’s videos:

Fun Friday #80

This first one is a really nice floor routine from back in 2010. I love seeing young gymnasts which such sharp dance and presentation. I also really like the turns into the corner from 0:54 to 1:01. It’s SO MUCH NICER than the walking (or more typical dance) that we normally see.

This second one is a throwback to the old level six. But wow, it almost makes me miss them!

Train hard!